About Pilates

Pilates is an exercise system that emphasizes on your body’s core (abs, obliques, lower back, thighs and butt), it strenghtens the body without excess bulk, at the same time  it improves flexibility, agility and allignement. Consequently Pilates ensues the base and balance for any other sport as well as every days’ movements.

What We Do

Pilates Basics

These lessons are best suited for persons who want to have a workout that helps to build a toned body (such as a flat abdomen or sleek thighs) and teach the body to move without getting injured.

This 50-minute class involves traditional Pilates mat exercises according to the Pilates method. Simply take a mat to the beach an treat your body with a workout and you will benefit from it at any everday- or sports-movement. Effective exercise sequences with attention to safe, quality movement.

„Functional Pilates“

Developing an athlete’s core makes athletes more agile, it helps prevent injury and increases sports performance. These lessons aim for athletes who are looking for a competitive edge and who want to train the body for their specific sport.

Full body resistance training with an athletic movement theme. Combine core, cardio and strength all in one. This class starts with a warm up session followed by a 30 minute HIIT workout alternating cardio and core. The workout ends with cool down phase treating your body with stretching exercises. According to weather conditions this workout will take place at the beach, no equipment needed.